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A Succulent free range fruit fed pig, Hog Roasted or Spit Roasted 

and cooked to perfection with Golden Crackling,  

then carved by your professional chef

Sage and Onion Stuffing, Apple Sauce, fresh soft roll, 

served into quality serviette

Optional extra Vegetarian Course on Request

Spanish or Mediterranean Quiche serves 12.


Succulent free range fruit fed pig, Hog Roasted or Spit Roasted

and cooked to perfection with Golden Crackling,

then carved by your professional chef 

sage and onion stuffing and Apple sauce, fresh roll 

served with Warm Minted New Potatoes, or Roasted New Potatoes in Garlic and Rosemary

A choice of Greek Salad, a mixture of mixed leaf, diced cucumber, tomatoes, red and white onion 

chunks of feta cheese and green and black olives, Caesar or Waldorf, and Oriental Salad.

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad with torn basil and pesto drizzle

Creamy Hand made Coleslaw. 

or seasonal vegetables, with a choice of Roasted or Minted New potatoes.

Optional extra vegetarian course on request

Spanish or Mediterranean Quiche serves 12

Mediterranean Quiche contains Mushrooms.

With this menu you get quality paper plates and plastic knifes and forks and serviettes

Real Crockery can be hired in as an optional extra.

For Special Occassions 

Have a dressed Salmon cooked from fresh and chilled and then prepared on the day.

take a look at our Gallery of food we serve. 

We bring with us all our catering equipment, gazebos, serving table and 

crisp table linen to cover and all serving equipment and utensils.

Prices are given on request and take into account 

the number of persons and time of year.